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What are your aspirations? I can help lead you through your musical journey...

Kam Falk, South Florida Music Producer

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Bass Lessons


I teach 4-5-6 string, fretted or fretless bass from the perspective of one who has worked in the field for decades and continues to perform on a regular basis. Having earned a master's degree in Commercial Music Composition and Production at Florida Atlantic University (Summa cum Laude), I tailor each lesson to meet your specific needs and aspirations.  I will supplement the technical aspects of playing music with theory instruction and also with reading music notation, emphasizing how to apply the theory knowledge in practical ways. If you're interested in learning something obscure, I can transcribe music for which there might not be charts available. I can teach you in your home if  you live in Southeast Florida, in my  Coconut Creek, Florida studio, or via Skype or FaceTime on the internet. I can accept personal checks or, if you receive instruction through Skype, you may make payments conveniently through PayPal or Google Pay.
Kam Falk, South Florida Music Producer

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Keyboard and MIDI Lessons
Keyboards have formed my musical foundation since 1970, when I began taking lessons from Erna Salm, a classical concert pianist from the Chicago area. I have performed as a keyboardist on cruise ships such as the Dolphin IV, Sea Escape's Scandinavian Dawn and the S.S. Illiria of Travel Dynamics, which is located in New York. I also performed with the Dennis Lee Show, playing top country and crossover hits throughout the fair and festival circuit. I regularly use keyboards as composition and recording tools, and I currently perform on keys with Bigtime Tributes' Silly Love Songs - a Tribute to Paul McCartney & Wings. If you are into interfacing musical instruments with each other as well as with computers, I have taught sound engineering at the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale for seventeen years on cutting edge MIDI and surround sound equipment. Regardless of your style, I can assist you with score reading, ear training, theory and technique.




I took piano lessons with Kam for several years, throughout my college years. At the time, he was performing every weekend with a rock band called FUSE. So I had many opportunities to see him apply all of the musical techniques that he had been teaching me (even though most of his performances were actually on bass, not piano). I was so inspired that I changed my major from journalism to music. I continued the lessons with Kam, and he helped me with my theory, reading, and ear training. He even helped me prepare for my juries, which were challenging and stressful. I made a ton of progress and now have a successful career in music, thanks in large part to my private lessons with Kam. I still call him occasionally, when I need help preparing for an important performance. Thanks, Kam!

Blake E., Weston, FL

Kam Falk, South Florida Music Producer

Click HERE to inquire about production and mixing/mastering instruction tailored to your personal criteria

Production - Mixing/Mastering with Avid's Pro-Tools and creating audio for video


If sound engineering is what interests you, I can teach you the art and science of mixing and mastering with the expertise of one who has experience with the entire process, from the first note played on a track all the way to the delivery and distribution of fully mastered CD's and downloads with copyrights, publishing, manufacturing and even licensing tips. You're encouraged to check out the   SAMPLE SCORES  I've composed for some of the most popular movies of the past three decades. I teach students from beginner to advanced all of the skills necessary to succeed as a producer and sound engineer, from file management and organization to the creative use of software plug-ins, virtual synthesizers, keyboard shortcuts and software features that will improve your workflow. If you'd like to learn how to score music for various ensembles, you've come to the right place - you can learn audio for video here, too. I use a program called   NOTION,   which has the sounds of every orchestral instrument sampled by the London Symphony Orchestra through the world's best microphones, and with every possible articulation so you'll hear your work played flawlessly by experts and you'll see it on the written page as well,  if you so choose.

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