Bigtime Tributes
South Florida Live Music Tributes, Ron Bivona as Frank Sinatra
01-22-2021 Galuppi's NSB 1 Whole
South Florida Live Music Tributes, NSB at the Blueberry Fesival in Brooksville, Florida, with Don Ferrari as Steve Perry

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In the video above, our Journey Tribute, Never Stop Believin', performs at the Daytona Beach Bandshell. Click on the images below for more on each of our tributes!

South Florida Live Music Tributes, Titans of Rock
South Florida Live Music Tributes, Never Stop Believin'
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South Florida Live Music Tributes, Gary Bivona Sings the Songs of Tony Bennett
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The music of Journey, Bon Jovi, The Carpenters, Paul McCartney & Wings, Frank Sinatra and more as you've never before heard it performed.

Bigtime Tributes is the brainchild of master musician and musical director, Gary Bivona, along with bassist, keyboardist, vocalist and business partner, Kam Falk, as well as Clint Ettorre - consummate guitarist, vocalist and featured performer in Silly Love Songs - A Tribute to Paul McCartney and Wings. Bigtime Tributes have traveled both nationally and internationally, entertaining audiences of 300 up to 10,000 in Trinidad, Santo Domingo, Honduras, New York, Texas, Ohio, Oklahoma, Michigan, and Louisiana, to name just a few of the destinations where we've performed. We keep a busy travel schedule while balancing family lives and other work. For more information, or to book Bigtime Tributes for your next event, please click  HERE  to go to!

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South Florida Live Music Tributes, Livin' on a Prayer
01-22-2021 Galuppi's LOP 1.jpg
01-22-2021 Galuppi's LOP 3 Clint, Billy,