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Modeling Agency Spot - Kam Falk
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Shape of My Heart (Retro-Respect) - Kam Falk
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Aint Nobody (Retro-Respect) - Kam Falk
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Bolivia (Native Tongue) - Kam Falk
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Dr. Pepper Spot - Marcel Morejon - Kam Falk
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I Can't Help It (Retro-Respect) - Kam Falk
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Mystery T.V. Show Theme - Kam Falk
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Welcome Home (Native Tongue) - Kam Falk
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School of Life (Native Tongue II) - Kam Falk
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Overjoyed (Espiritu) - Marcel Morejon
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Mainline Florida (Retro-Respect) - Kam Falk
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One of These Nights (Retro-Respect) - Kam Falk
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Out of My Heart (Espiritu) - Marcel Morejon
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Pursuit (Native Tongue) - Kam Falk
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Shifting Sands (Native Tongue) - Kam Falk
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The Emperors' Club underscore - Kam Falk
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Trails of Virga (Native Tongue II) - Kam Falk
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Sweet Emotion (Retro-Respect) - Kam Falk
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Look No Further (Wedding Day) - Kam Falk
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Afro-Cuban Underscore - Kam Falk
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This section describes Kam's activities.

Music CD's/Downloads, Production, Lessons, Live Tribute Bands


Featured song:








This track is dedicated to the memory of

Delmar Brown, who contributed three stellar tracks to my NATIVE TONGUE enhanced CD project in 2000-2001. Delmar performed and recorded with many luminaries in the music world, including Jaco Pastorius, Sting, Miles Davis, Pat Martino, Gil Evans and many more.

He passed away on April 1, 2017.


The recording features Kam Falk (composer, drum and percussion programming, six-string bass, guitar, piano, and synths) and Federico Himiob (lead and rhythm guitars)

- My entire repertoire of original releases is now available HERE at iTunes, in case you'd like to have some or all of it on all of your devices. Please note that the CD Baby Store has closed (as of March 31, 2020).


Falkreations Music (BMI) offers music production services for media including CD's, DVD's, television, film and Web Streaming. Here, you will find several videos from movies for which I've written and produced SAMPLE SCORES. I've also posted some T.V. and advertising jingles and bumpers.

If you're interested in music lessons, you've come to the right place. I can teach you bass, keyboards and MIDI, and Pro-Tools based music production, and I tailor the lessons to your specific needs and aspirations. I also offer music LESSONS through Skype, so you can join me from anywhere on earth  with convenient payments made via PayPal.


Recently, I've been privileged to be a member of a partnership among several top shelf Florida musicians called, BIGTIME TRIBUTES. We entertain crowds of anywhere from 300 to

10,000 people with shows featuring the music of Journey, Bon Jovi, Elton John, , Frank SinatraThe Cars, and much more. Click the Bigtime Tributes link above for more information on these bands and direct links to more videos.


Falkreations Music now offers SOUND & LIGHTING SERVICES for indoor  venues that seat audiences of up to 600 people. Our system is tried and true and our packages include both a highly skilled and experienced sound tech and a lighting tech. Please check out our services on the "Sound and Lighting Services" page by clicking the link above or by selecting from the menu at the top of this page, and don't hesitate to call for more details!


Occasionally, I post music videos of extraordinary live performances from various locations around the world at a WORDPRESS.COM  blog called, "The Worldwide Musical Landscape." Once in a while, I will post updates from my own ever-expanding collection of original compositions and collaborations, as well.

For more sounds and info, please check out my sites at: - FREE streams:

My entire repertoire of releases

ReverbNation - Gig schedule & free songs 

Facebook - My profile at Facebook

AudioSparx - My profile and production music library at Audiosparx, the premier Hollywood sound library

Del's Dream - Kam Falk
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NEW RELEASE - July 17, 2024 - ACCEPTANCE - featuring John Favicchia and Ismael Vergara

ACCEPTANCE (2024) - This is a new original composition featuring the incomparable John Favicchia (the song's inspiration) on drums and Ismael Vergara on alto sax. The video includes the complete back story about how each of the performers became involved in this project, along with details about the song's creation and metamorphosis, which led to two slightly different versions, both of which have been released. The original release (included here in its entirety) features my keyboard solo, and the alternate take (excerpted in the video) features an alto sax solo by the incredible Ismael Vergara.
PEACE FOR YOUR SOUL - This is an original composition I wrote in 202o during the 
COVID quarantine period. It has some Celtic influences and features instruments such as Bodhrán. The meter is 3/4, and I created the accompaniment parts in a program called BAND IN A BOX, which uses samples.
JOY SPRING - I made this video while living in Coconut Creek, Florida, in 2021. I suppose it would be considered a COVID lockdown project! “Joy Spring” was written by the great trumpeter, Clifford Brown. Originally written and recorded in 1954, it begins and ends in F major, but takes a ride through three other tonal centers throughout its progression. It’s a great tune just for listening; however, from a student's perspective, it's also great for the woodshed. The title was Brown's pet name for his wife, Larue.
TENDERNESS ON THE BLOCK - Here's one from left field, inspired by Shawn Colvin and Jacob Collier. I heard Shawn Colvin's rendition of this Jackson Browne/Warren Zevon song and I was instantly attracted to both the music and lyrics, so I created an arrangement in which I could play all the instruments and sing lead and backing vocals, Each track was performed live to Pro Tools for audio and my iPhone for video. Then I assembled the tracks in Final Cut Pro and added some animated text to
convey the song's message with visual cues synced with the vocals.
BLUE MOON JAZZ DUO - The footage above was captured by my friend, Marcel Morejon, on Valentine's Day, 2023. The gig was at Zino Ristorante in Estero, Florida. I enjoyed performing with the incredible Pablo Arencibia on keyboards!
HERE'S WHERE THE STORY ENDS - For variety's sake, here is my rendition of The Sundays' HERE'S WHERE THE STORY ENDS. I like several of their songs, including  YOU'RE NOT THE ONLY ONE I KNOW  (*the link will take you to my cover of that song at, and SUMMERTIME (*this link will take you to The Sundays' official video)
INEVITABLE CHANGES - This is the sixth track from Schuman's 2013 solo CD release, DESIGNATED PLANETS. Schuman has been a top-shelf keyboardist/composer/producer since the 1970s and has been highly inspirational. He created the video of himself playing the rhythm tracks for this piece as part of a master class series on music composition, and his performance gave me the desire to learn to play it with him on piano. If you want to see a real piano player perform the song, check out his final version of this tune, which he played on a beautiful concert grand. Here's a link to it: INEVITABLE CHANGES, by Tom Schuman.
*For more videos, please visit my
YouTube channel and subscribe!
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Bass, Keys, and Pro
Tools based
Production - Currently offering
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Jazziz - Screen Shot 05-21-2020.
This is a photo of Kam Falk playing his upright electric bass.

Click on the image above to check out my recordings at

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